The deeper we go into our own individual journey, the more likely we are to hit universal.

-Sue Monk Kid

Unraveled Art Series, artist statement:

It can be unsettling when threads in your life are pulled away, but often through this unraveling you come to recognize yourself more. In these paintings you’ll see lines pulled away – unraveled – with a saturated surface representing an unchanging core.   

My hope for this new series is that you will recognize your own journey through pain to a greater understanding of self. Grief is universal, but hope is a choice.


My landscapes are inspired by a myriad of places and impressions. Some have subtle writing etched into them. Most are mixed media on canvas, fresco on marble dust panel, or acrylic on panel. Some of the pieces in this gallery are large (up to 5 ft), others are mini (as small as 3 inches).


Each of my images depicts a section of something I consider “innate”: a plant, animal, person, or piece of land. Using traditional oil painting techniques, I concentrate on the object’s color, line, and texture. The natural object creates boundaries on my subjectivity. This becomes the process for each piece.  Works are oil on canvas, fresco on marble dust panel, and mixed media on panel.

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