A month of firsts!

August was a busy month! We delivered our first wholesale order and also fulfilled our biggest donation yet! Over 85 stickers sets were donated to our local school, so every teacher, the aids and office staff, janitors, nurse, and tech support could start their virtual year off with some aromatherapy.

Stacking them up!

This week we mailed this stack to hospice & palliative docs/NPs in Arizona. They were experiencing PPE fatigue from wearing masks all day. THANK YOU, PATRONS! IT FELT REALLY GOOD TO SEND THESE 🏜❤👩‍⚕️

New thank you with donations

Had some friends help me pass these out to essential workers this week and feeling excited about the new thank you card that goes with them! I’ve been wondering if people can hear me through my mask as I explain what they are, etc. Grocery store workers, journalists covering the protests and statue removal in RVA, and nurses all received some this week. Thank you Edith, Rhonda, and Sue for making this available. 


Thank you Marnie and Valerie for you orders! We were able to gift some of the employees at Costco their own sets of aromatherapy stickers and they were all so grateful.


We recently had an order from a nurse that is married to an ER doctor. I can’t even imagine the impact Covid 19 has made on their family. We were really happy to sneak some donations into the order. Thank you, Aaron, Stefanie, and Megan for your orders that made this possible!